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Live Draft Chat Transcript for: Live! Mock Draft Central Expert Draft No. 3 (2/25/2008)

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(Commish): Welcome to David Martorano of Rotowire
(Commish): Welcome to the early viewers
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: Tim Heaney and Richard Garcia from KFFL are here
(Commish): Welcome to Knox Bardeen of Crooked Pitch
Knox Bardeen: Knox is here from Crooked Pitch
Knox Bardeen: Hey guys.
(Commish): Welcome to Tim Heaney and Richard Garcia of KFFL
(Commish): Welcome to Joe Ribando of Fantistics
Joe Ribando: Hey guys
David Martorano: Hello everyone
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: hello
(Commish): I'll start things out: Experts: Over/under on Pujols draft slot: 10
Knox Bardeen: Under
(Commish): Welcome to Scott Swanay of Fantasy Baseball Sherpa
Knox Bardeen: under meaning after the 10 pick
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: in those terms, under
Scott Swanay: Thanks, Geoff!
(Commish): Welcome to Darryl Houston Smith of Fantasy Baseball Mafia
(Commish): Welcome to Ryan Boyer of Rototimes
Darryl Houston Smith: under
Darryl Houston Smith: Hello all
Ryan Boyer: good evening all
Scott Swanay: I wouldn't touch Pujols in 1st round any more, given his injury concerns.
Scott Swanay: Can't take a risk like that early on.
Scott Swanay: If he stays healthy, you profit big-time.
Knox Bardeen: I agree. 1st round is all about avoiding risk.
Scott Swanay: If not, your team is most likely toast.
Joe Ribando: 1st round is tough for Pujols, but would love him on the wrap-around @ #15
(Commish): Especially after the fantasy football season we just had
Scott Swanay: Unlike football, almost impossible to recover if your 1st pick is out for appreciable amount of time.
(Commish): Welcome to Christian Peterson of LeagueSafe
(Commish): Welcome to Todd Farino of Fantasy Baseball Search
Todd Farino: The King has entered the building
(Commish): Quiet group of viewers tonight
Christian Peterson: Ahoy
(Commish): Someone message me and let me know the AIM isn't broke
Knox Bardeen: Should we log into the chatroom at blogtalk as well?
(Commish): Monica was just kind enough to let me know AIM is working ... thanks!
Darryl Houston Smith: I have
(Commish): Welcome to Brendan Roberts of ESPN
(Commish): Message from AIM: I'm excited to see the top 5...
(Commish): Welcome to Cory Schwartz of
(Commish): Question from e-mail: Lately on this site, David Wright has passed Jose Reyes in average draft position. Would you agree with this?
Scott Swanay: Definitely.
Darryl Houston Smith: Yes
Knox Bardeen: He's higher on my draft list .
Joe Ribando: Give me Wright over Reyes, for sure
Cory Schwartz: Nope
Cory Schwartz: 3B depth is such that it's harder to find an elite SS
Cory Schwartz: Of course, at 11, I won't have to worry about this!
Todd Farino: YO
(Commish): Question from AIM: General question to all experts: When is too early to draft a pitcher, even one as dominant as Johan?
Darryl Houston Smith: first round picks 1-6
Brendan Roberts: Catching up here ... I don't take Pujols at all in the first round (or even close), and I live in St. Louis.
Brendan Roberts: Why has Reyes fallen? Makes no sense to me. I still have him higher (and probably will take him soon ... ha, ha).
Todd Farino: I will dominate this draft
(Commish): Question from e-mail: I'm in a 12-team standard Roto 5x5 keeper league (six holdovers) with the #1 overall pick. My six keepers are: C Russell Martin LAD, 1B Mark Teixeira ATL, SS Hanley Ramirez FLA, 3B/OF Ryan Braun MIL, OF Curtis Granderson DET, and OF Alex Rios TOR...based on our keeper rules of a maximum 3 years consecutive both Alex Rodriguez and David Wright will be available in this year's draft. I love Wright, but A-Rod is A-Rod...can I justify taking Wright #1 overall INSTEAD of Mr. Fantasy Baseball himself? Your thoughts?
Brendan Roberts: Johan is in his own class, and I think it's a first-round class. After that, maybe third round or so for the next guy.
Scott Swanay: I agree - would consider Santana in 1st round.
Brendan Roberts: OK, gotcha, Commish. I'll begin doing that from IM.
Christian Peterson: If it's just a 3-year keeper league, I don't know how you pass on A-Rod at #1.
Todd Farino: GOOD LUCK!
(Commish): Question from AIM: Why is Hanley valued so high despite the lack of hitting support this year as well as him hitting third or playing in a pitcher's park for that matter?
Todd Farino: Textbook so far
(Commish): Darryl -- why Holliday there?
(Commish): Welcome to Joe Badalucco of Sports Buff
(Commish): Comment from AIM: wow Han Ram falling to #5, how can someone get that lucky
Darryl Houston Smith: Holliday is a beast gives me numbers across the board
(Commish): Question from e-mail: Do you guys prefer auction or snake drafts and why?
(Commish): I prefer drafts, because I make more money if people draft
(Commish): Comment from AIM: I prefer auction: A lot more challenging, and everybody has the same shot at each player.
(Commish): Question for Cory from AIM: question for Cory..........did he take Crawford in 1st round because of him needing 5 OF's, or did he feel he was best player on board
(Commish): Question for Todd from AIM: Todd, how do you weigh the threat of injury with Pujols as opposed to picking a different power hitter, such as Prince or Braun?
Cory Schwartz: I think elite OF depth is overrated, and I wanted one of them
Todd Farino: PUjols is a risk, but at 12 he's a steal
(Commish): Question from AIM: why no love for soriano?
Cory Schwartz: 1. Low AVG, 2. Hits leadoff in the NL = fewer RBI's, 3. Doesn't steal as much due to bad hammies
Brendan Roberts: Can Soriano steal 30 bases (or even hit .300) anymore. I have my doubts.
(Commish): Question from AIM: do you really think Ryan Braun can put up those monster numbers over a full season?
(Commish): Question from AIM: Does Sizemore go 30-30 this year?
Joe Badalucco: Braun doesn't walk much, and it seems a repeat would be tough
Brendan Roberts: I think he can (and will) do it. A lot of lineup support, and a classic power swing.
Christian Peterson: Sizemore may go 30-30, but he may also hit only .270 and drive in 75 runs.
Brendan Roberts: Isn't that what Soriano does (post above)?
(Commish): Question from AIM: is brandon phillips as good as utley value-wise?
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: when healthy, he's a great value in the early second round
Todd Farino: Pujols hit 32 HRs hurt, imagien him healthy. wait, look to the previous year
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: and it's all spring talk at this point
Brendan Roberts: Shocked by the Granderson pick ... then again, I'm not a big fan of him.
Joe Badalucco: I love Granderson, how can his numbers possibly not go up w/ the stacked libne-up
Christian Peterson: in response to Soriano vs. Sizemore... yes, but Soriano has proven he can go 40-40 before, and he's driven in at least 90 runs 5 of the last 6 years.
(Commish): Comment from AIM: B.J. Upton in the 2nd round, talk about someone who doesn't walk much and is prime for a comedown year
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: teixeira went late
Brendan Roberts: Because Granderson strikes out 175 times a year.
(Commish): Question for Joe from AIM: Granderson over Vladi, Joe explain yourself?
Cory Schwartz: Upton draws a fair share of walks, the K's are a result of working deep counts
Christian Peterson: Upton's AVG may fall, but why would his other numbers get worse at the age of 23?
Joe Badalucco: Vlad is a great hitter, but aging and i like Grandersons speed
David Martorano: Upton has tremendous upside, plays a scarce position and fills out all the categories
(Commish): Question from e-mail: What is the thinest position this year C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS or OF?
David Martorano: He comes with some risk but I think his upside is worth it
(Commish): Catcher as always
Cory Schwartz: C is disgustingly thin
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: C, as usual
(Commish): Question from AIM: Is aging the biggest (or only) factor with Big Daddy Vladdy?
Brendan Roberts: That, and he doesn't steal anymore.
Darryl Houston Smith: age and he hates the DH
Brendan Roberts: Plus, I'm worried about his health. Lot of nagging leg injuries in recent years, and he despises playing at DH.
(Commish): Question from e-mail: Does anyone think that Miguel Cabrera is a top 5 pick with his new home in Detroit? Would anyone take him over Holliday or Utley?
Joe Badalucco: No, he's a stud, and he'll hit over .320 if healthy, but not much help in the line-up, and again, I like the SB's Granderson can give me
Cory Schwartz: Holliday and Utley can steal and both play thinner positions
Darryl Houston Smith: could be a conflict coming with Vladdy and Mike S.
Joe Badalucco: Not ove rholliday
(Commish): Question from AIM: manny or magglio?
Darryl Houston Smith: Manny
(Commish): Question for Cory from AIM: Cory another one for you I understand Roberts can steal bases but he won't drive in as many runs with how bad the O's will be, how com he's ahead of Cano who can .330 and drive and score 100 runs is it mainly cause of the stolen bases?
Joe Badalucco: Manny is going to bounce back, tough call. I like Manny
Cory Schwartz: That sums it up nicely
Cory Schwartz: And BTW Roberts will score more than Cano this year no matter where he plays, book it
(Commish): Question for Brendan from e-mail: Brendan Roberts, you took Reyes, Ichiro and Bedard with 1st 3 picks. How will you ever compete in HR's and RBI's?
(Commish): Question for Todd from Fantasy Baseball Search: Back to back closers this early? Why?
(Commish): Question from AIM: who the 3rd Catcher McCann, Mauer, or Posada?
(Commish): I like the news out of ST on McCann
Cory Schwartz: Someone will ansewr that by picking one of them!
David Martorano: McCann, Too much risk with Mauer bouncing back from injury and Posada returning to reality
Joe Badalucco: lol, I like McCann to bounce back, he's definitely got the most power
Scott Swanay: I vote Posada
(Commish): Question from e-mail: why did peavy go so late?
(Commish): Start of Round 3 is a bit later for him
Joe Badalucco: I was surprised he got back to me
Brendan Roberts: I agree ... could have gone a few earlier. But that's the way it works sometimes.
Brendan Roberts: I wish he had fallen to me at No. 3 in the third round.
(Commish): Question from AIM: Will the Mitchell Report (and its aftermath) be affecting how any of you draft this fantasy season
Cory Schwartz: Not in the least, a total non-story
Darryl Houston Smith: no no effect
(Commish): It will keep me away from Adam Piatt
Cory Schwartz: LOL
Darryl Houston Smith: and maybe Jack cust
Joe Badalucco: For me a bit, I'm going big bodied for power more
Joe Badalucco: I think you'll see power go down this year
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: that's why it's important to grab power early
Joe Badalucco: i agree, power is more scarce than ever
(Commish): Question from AIM: will eric byrnes replicate last years numbers? it seems he's on the decline.
Cory Schwartz: 33 SB's after the break, that's nuts
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: early 30s
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: age
Joe Badalucco: I like him last year, but after the contract
David Martorano: Byrnes has never had to come back from having a great year, like last year
David Martorano: so there is some risk with him
David Martorano: but I like his ability fo contribute in all categories
(Commish): Question from AIM: shouldnt haren's value increase in the NL west?
(Commish): Question for Scott from AIM: Scott, why have you yet to pick an OF?
Cory Schwartz: Yes, but that's somewhat offset by going to a tougher park to pitch in
Scott Swanay: Position scarcity - I don't believe there's as much of a drop-off at OF as there is at other positions.
Brendan Roberts: You would think (on Haren), but he goes to an unfavorable ballpark, and owners still are worried about his second-half struggles.
Scott Swanay: I'll probably take one around Round 9 or so.
Brendan Roberts: He wore down late.
(Commish): Question from AIM: what we think of c young AZ
Cory Schwartz: Joe you took Chris Young the pitcher from SD right?
(Commish): Question from AIM: Why is Hafner still undrafted at this point? What kind of numbers will he put up next year?
Joe Ribando: yes
Cory Schwartz: OK, just wanted to confirm, 'cuz...
(Commish): Chris Young run!
Cory Schwartz: It's over already!
David Martorano: He lacks a position, is an injury risk and had a bad year last year
Cory Schwartz: Hafner wasn't hurt last year, that's what's worrisome... no excuse, he was just bad
Joe Badalucco: I agree, Hafner was a mind boggle to me, his walks were there, but couldn't drive the ball, and no doubles
(Commish): Question from e-mail: Is Rocco Baldelli worth a late round gamble for thisyear?
Scott Swanay: Only if you have reserve spots.
Cory Schwartz: Sure, but it better be pretty late
David Martorano: I dont like wasting my time with guys like him
David Martorano: your better off spending a late round flyer on a young player with upside who hasnt gotten hurt every year for the past 5 seasons
(Commish): Question from e-mail: Does Todd realize he probably could have got Papelbon & Putz 24 picks later? Why the stretch at 36-37?
Cory Schwartz: That's hindsight
(Commish): Question from AIM: Does Kazmir continue his dominance from the second half last year?
Cory Schwartz: Who's to say those closers would still be there when he picked?
(Commish): Poor Hafner
(Commish): Question for all of the experts: do u like your team so far?
(Commish): Comment from AIM: little late for hart?
Darryl Houston Smith: yes
Cory Schwartz: Yeah, but it's too early to really screw up!
(Commish): I agree, that's pretty late from what I've been seeing
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: with the scarcity of power, we feel our team was effective in meeting that need early on. the most difficult rounds are yet to come
(Commish): Been a late fifth rounder in lots of recent mocks
(Commish): Question from e-mail: Why no love for Harang? Is it just the ballpark?
(Commish): Question from AIM: How serious are the steroid concerns for Tejada?
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: They're probably afraid of Harang's age and workload over the past few years.
Joe Badalucco: I love Kong Harang, his K's will be there, and he's got a huge frame
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: However, his strikeout value is tremendous.
Joe Badalucco: might be able to withstand all the innings
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: To have an ERA of below 4 in that ballpark
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: that's pretty good
(Commish): Question from AIM: Can Carlos Pena put up similar numbers to last year?
(Commish): Question from Ryan Boyer of Rototimes: Ryan, love Hafner where you got him. Have your daily chats started up yet, if not when?
Ryan Boyer: chats haven't started yet.... still hammering out the draft kit stuff
(Commish): Question from AIM: Is anyone willing to give Torii Hunter more credit fantasy-wise than just a career year?
Cory Schwartz: What does that mean? He's being fairly valued in mock drafts, IMO
(Commish): Question from AIM: is zambrano really a 7th rounder?
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: Hunter will certainly run more.
Joe Badalucco: I agree with Heaney, Hunter will run more
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: Angels always run
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: AND, Zambrano fell a bit here.
Brendan Roberts: I agree with Cory (on Hunter). People don't seem to be bothered by his past ankle surgery.
Brendan Roberts: He's being valued fairly.
Joe Badalucco: I like Zambrano's K potential, but when he loses his control, watch out WHIP
(Commish): Question from AIM: Nick Swisher: better or worse value in Chicago?
Cory Schwartz: Much better, US Cell is a great HR park
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: Turned 27 this year
Darryl Houston Smith: better way better still low avg but way better
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: US Cell
(Commish): Question from AIM: is matt kemp going to start?
Joe Badalucco: Swisher = better
Darryl Houston Smith: LA - in RF
Cory Schwartz: It would appear he has the inside track at starting in RF, but Torre loves his veterans
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: First base is scarce this year.
Joe Badalucco: Kemp has a very good chance to start
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: With what was left, Swisher was an obvious choice.
(Commish): Question from e-mail: Why is there such a HUGE gap between the picks at 2B. I have Uggla valued even with Kinsler.
Cory Schwartz: SB's baby
Cory Schwartz: Plus 20-30 points of AVG
(Commish): Question from AIM: Do you guys buy into the "Magic Age 27" theory?
(Commish): I like a lot of the mid-round 2B, too
(Commish): Guys like Aaron Hill, Freddy Sanchez, Kelly Johnson are all good values
(Commish): Same with Kent and Polanco
(Commish): That's a good spot for both Hawpe and Victorino
Brendan Roberts: I don't buy that age 27 is a magic year or anything, but I do believe players who follow the normal trajectory have one of their better years that season.
Cory Schwartz: Younger is fine also if it comes with experience
Joe Badalucco: I al
(Commish): Good values on Gonzalez and Konerko, too
Joe Badalucco: I agree Konerko and Gonzalez both will produce solid numbers
(Commish): Getting a little quiet
(Commish): Like it always does about this point
Cory Schwartz: The middle rounds are championship time
Cory Schwartz: You can't screw up this early in a 12-team draft
Joe Badalucco: lol, this is where you make the dough
Darryl Houston Smith: its time for the money shots
Darryl Houston Smith: so to speak
Cory Schwartz: hahha
Brendan Roberts: Too many money shots make for bad last few rounds. Ha, ha.
Joe Badalucco: Delgado hasn't seen round 10 in years
David Martorano: Delgados done
Joe Badalucco: Not sure about that, lots to play for this year
David Martorano: thats true
David Martorano: but same could be said for last year
David Martorano: he could bounce back some
Cory Schwartz: He's far from done
Joe Badalucco: yes, but Santana will give that team energy
Brendan Roberts: I agree. He just doesn't have the same bat speed he used to.
Cory Schwartz: He played through elbow and wrist problems
Joe Badalucco: He's a big guy as well, 260 lbs
Cory Schwartz: .344 is done, but he can do .280/30/100 again
David Martorano: Yea those injuries alwasy come to light
David Martorano: when guys have terrible years
David Martorano: otherwise no one knows about them
Cory Schwartz: Not true
Cory Schwartz: It was widely reported (at least in NY)...
Cory Schwartz: That Delgado had two surgeries after the '06 offseason
Cory Schwartz: He was never healthy last year
David Martorano: yea maybe your right
David Martorano: im just saying that every time a big name has a terrible year
David Martorano: all their little aches and pains get turned into injuries
Cory Schwartz: Agreed, but it's premature to write him off
David Martorano: that everyone hears about
(Commish): While we're quiet, I'd like to invite the experts to plug their site, anything they're working on, etc.
Cory Schwartz: Fantasy 411 on, every day from 2-3 ET!
Scott Swanay: Fantasy Baseball Sherpa - guiding you to victory!
David Martorano:
Joe Ribando: - daily updates, interactive drafting software - check it out!
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: Everyone be sure to check out's FREE 2008 Draft Guide, including our new Baseball University section
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: !
Darryl Houston Smith: is filling its 25th league come join us and listen to the Wire Tap
Joe Badalucco:!
Cory Schwartz: Darryl, tell GP we got our shirts today, thanks!
Cory Schwartz: Please
Brendan Roberts: ESPN has a giant draft kit, with our own projections, and it's 100 percent free.
Cory Schwartz: And it rocks!
Darryl Houston Smith: You got it Cory!
Cory Schwartz: thx
(Commish): This question is a repost, it's sort of long, but my friend Monica needs some expert help: Question for all experts...I'm in a 10 team keeper league, you can keep the players for 3 of right now I'm keeping Tulowitzki, B.J. Upton, Felix Hernandex, Chris Young (SP), and either Sizemore in the 2nd or Rios in the 8th...I traded a 10th rd. pick to keep Sizemore, it would be with the 13th pick of draft...I am now somewhat regretting my decision and thinking about keeping Rios and just accepting that I lost a draft pick...I originally was going to not keep a pitcher but the pitching will be too thin to not keep one...any opinions on what I should do? Keep in mind that Holliday, Fielder, Rollins, Ramierez, Santana, and Braun are all being kept
(Commish): With all of those players being kept, I like Sizemore at 13
(Commish): Think you stick with your original plan and hold Grady over Rios
(Commish): Question from AIM: Could you please provide a few players you see as comeback players, next Braun type players, sleeper pitchers?
(Commish): If you don't want to show your hand, just identify them when you select 'em
Scott Swanay: I like Joey Votto, if Dusty gives him playing time.
David Martorano: I think Maine is a sleeper in the sense that he could really improve upon last season's numbers- even though everyone assumes that was his career year or close to it
Scott Swanay: I agree with David about Maine.
Joe Badalucco: Matt Kemp and Loney, and I agree about Maine
Joe Badalucco: Billingsly is a sleeper pitcher
(Commish): Question from AIM: is this the year Sheets finally has a healthy season?
Joe Badalucco: Dodgers = sleepers
(Commish): Yes +220
(Commish): No -320
Cory Schwartz: Young guys w/ experience who haven't really broken out yet... Kendrick, Francoeur, Ryan Zimmerman
Scott Swanay: Re: Sheets - no!!!
Scott Swanay: I certainly wouldn't bet on Sheets staying healthy all year.
David Martorano: I think Chad Cordero is a decent sleeper- they have some good young talent in Wash and he could have a lot more save opps than last year
Joe Badalucco: I like the Burrell pick, late round power
Scott Swanay: Thanks!
(Commish): Question from AIM: who do you like better: Joba or Clay
Brendan Roberts: Clay, now that Joba is in the bullpen.
Scott Swanay: Buchholz over Joba, even if Joba is in rotation.
(Commish): Question from AIM: Why is Salty getting the high-draft hype? what will he give you that a Bengie Molina type will not?
Joe Badalucco: I like Joba over Clay, more K's
Joe Badalucco: Joba will find his way in
Joe Badalucco: Salty has tons of potential and is still young. His ceiling is much higher than Molina. We know what Bengie can do
Scott Swanay: Nice pick with Encarnaction, Cory.
Scott Swanay: Encarnacion - I can spellllll
Joe Badalucco: I agree, I like Edwin
Cory Schwartz: Thanks! I'm a big fan of his
Joe Badalucco: He surprised me last year with a flop season in a sense. I was high on him last year
(Commish): Question from AIM: Who will be rookie of the year in the al and nl?
Cory Schwartz: Longoria and Upton

Joe Badalucco: AL = Evan Longoria
Joe Badalucco: NL = Bourne
Cory Schwartz: David Mortorano also votes for Longoria!
David Martorano: haha
Joe Badalucco: Bourne, Bourne, Bourne
Joe Badalucco: steals, steals, steals
David Martorano: I dont like that trade- Lidge for Bourne
David Martorano: Even without injury
David Martorano: he will be Gagne in Boston
Joe Badalucco: He's already hurt
Joe Badalucco: Bourne will lead off in Houston and watch out!
Joe Badalucco: Soria is a late round RP that can help in ERA, Whip and K's. dont let Royals scare.
Cory Schwartz: Soria was in my queue for my next pick, damn David!
(Commish): Question from AIM: I read that when both were in the minors A Gordon was more heralded than Braun.Do you see him breaking out this year now that he might have gainedthe confidence after seeing what Braun did.
David Martorano: sorry about that
Cory Schwartz: haha, no worries
Cory Schwartz: Great pick down here
Knox Bardeen: Gordon has the skill se tto do just that
David Martorano: it was either soria or radhames liz
David Martorano: i had to go soria
David Martorano: jk
Cory Schwartz: Joe just took my other next pick, damn Joe!
Joe Ribando: you can get me back on the way up
Cory Schwartz: OK, just tell me who you are going to take :-)
Joe Badalucco: Gordon hit .264 and slugged .471 after break, he'll get better
Joe Ribando: Kei Igawa
(Commish): Question from AIM: Is there late round value in great middle relief? Do you pick them up as ERA/WHIP stabilizers or avoid them like the plague?
Joe Badalucco: Depends on how late, you certainly can't pas son saves unless your getting some strong ERA Whip and K numbers
(Commish): Question from e-mail: Who will be a better late round pick Weeks or Feliz?
Brendan Roberts: I think there is late-round value there, but there are a select few guys. AIso, I like it when they are ahead of a shaky closer situation (like Betancourt in CLE).
(Commish): I like the high K middle relievers who have the potential to close -- Broxton is my personal fave this year
Brendan Roberts: (Sorry Joe, for bustin' on your pick.)
Joe Badalucco: I like both, depends on need. Weeks will be much better, and Feliz is hitting in a great park and line-up. Prob weeks for the SB's
(Commish): Don't think Weeks will be available late in most drafts
Joe Badalucco: no prob Brendan
Cory Schwartz: Weeks won't be a late round pick
(Commish): Jinx
(Commish): Question from AIM: who do you guys have as the favorites in the AL West: Angels or Mariners
Christian Peterson: ugh
(Commish): Question from AIM: why no love for Orlando Hudson?
Scott Swanay: Angels in a romp.
Cory Schwartz: Angels, by a wide margin
Joe Badalucco: hmm. Mariners added Bedard, and Sexson will be much improved. I actually like Seattle to contend.
David Martorano: Everyone likes upside- Hudson is a nice option but little upside
Brendan Roberts: O-Dog doesn't do it for me. Not enough contribution in any one category.
Scott Swanay: I'd consider him as my MI at this point.
Brendan Roberts: He's the essential "filler" option.
(Commish): After 16 rounds, MDC projects Brendan Roberts to be the winner of this draft
(Commish): I felt like Tom Brokaw there
Cory Schwartz: Then he took Tom Gorzellany :-)
(Commish): Question from AIM: are any of the Nationals outfielders worth drafting? They all seem to have lots of upside, particularly in the new stadium
Brendan Roberts: Ouch!
Cory Schwartz: Just playin'
Brendan Roberts: Funny thing is I feel like I'm having a terrible draft.
Brendan Roberts: Go figure. What do I know?
(Commish): That's how our projections work
Cory Schwartz: 12-team leagues are so shallow, the gap from 1st to last is tiny
Brendan Roberts: This is true.
(Commish): Question from AIM: You guys speak highly about SBs but how would you rank Pierre,Bourn,Ellsbury,Carlos Gomez,Figgins, Lugo, Kaz Matsui. What do think about the concept that these guys hurt yourTotal Power numbers in Rotissiere style leagues?
Cory Schwartz: The good ones also add runs, AVG and in Lugo's case even a little pop
Cory Schwartz: They don't hurt, they just help in different areas
Joe Badalucco: Pierre, Bourne, Figgins, Matsui, Lugo, Elsb, gomez
(Commish): Comment from AIM: My deep sleeper is Mark Reynolds..any thoughts?
Joe Badalucco: I really think Bourne gets close to 50
David Martorano: I dont think he was ever that well regarded as a prospect, Tracy may take the job back when hes healthy- I wouldnt expect too much
(Commish): Question from AIM: do you guys ever advocate "punting" a category in roto, and if so, which one?
Joe Badalucco: Mark Reynolds has power, but Tracy is a thuge hreat I agree
Cory Schwartz: Reynolds strikes out waaaayyy to much
Scott Swanay: I don't advocate punting categories - leaves you less margins for error.
Joe Badalucco: I never punt cats
Brendan Roberts: I'd never punt a category. Most common is saves, but I figure it takes minimal effort just to get a handful of saves.
David Martorano: Yea i agree
Brendan Roberts: Even if it's off the FA wire.
(Commish): Question from AIM: who will be the surprise saves earner this year?
David Martorano: I like Chad Cordero- I think Washington will be surprisingly competitive
Scott Swanay: Heath Bell, Rafael Betancourt, or Brian Fuentes.
Cory Schwartz: Joe you're killin' me!!
(Commish): Good call on Fuentes
Joe Badalucco: Asdrubal Cabrera is a nice value at MI in the late rounds. He showed a decent eye and good contact % in 2007 and should hit 2nd in Cleveland
Joe Badalucco: lol
Joe Badalucco: Greinke is a very nice SP sleeper in my opinion. Seems like his personal problems are behind him
Joe Badalucco: Royals will taper his wins tho
Cory Schwartz: Very much agree
Cory Schwartz: A good spring and he won't be a sleeper any more
Joe Badalucco: true, true
Joe Badalucco: For a second I thought that was tony Pena Jr.
David Martorano: Good value for Wigginton
(Commish): Question from AIM: will ubaldo jiminez pick up where he left off in the playoffs?
Scott Swanay: I don't think so.
Brendan Roberts: I think he'll be inconsistent. It's a LONG regular season.
Joe Badalucco: He has very good K potential, but pitching in Colorado is a problem
Scott Swanay: re: Ubaldo
Joe Badalucco: Sexson = contract year = 40 hr's in 20th round?
Cory Schwartz: He worries me a lot more than Delgado
Cory Schwartz: He hit a lot of weak grounders to 2nd last year
Cory Schwartz: Good gamble here, yeah, but could be a bust
Joe Badalucco: McClaren is high on Richie
Joe Badalucco: talking him up
Brendan Roberts: I love Accardo here. Coming off a good year, and I have serious doubts abouts B.J. Ryan.
David Martorano: whats deal with loduca?
Brendan Roberts: Will he be the same this year?
Cory Schwartz: Bad knee
David Martorano: thanks
Joe Badalucco: Felipe Lopez still there at MI?
Cory Schwartz: yes
(Commish): Question from AIM: What impact will Torre have with the Dodgers?
Joe Badalucco: Torre will run more
Cory Schwartz: He'll burn out his top relievers
Joe Badalucco: SB's for team will improve
Cory Schwartz: Broxton could throw 100 IP this year
Scott Swanay: Scott Proctor's glad to see him again!
Brendan Roberts: I think the vets play more, like Pierre (over Kemp/Ethier).
Scott Swanay: Maybe he'll light a fire under the team (Proctor)
Joe Badalucco: Dodgers will contend as well with Torre and an added Andrew Jones
David Martorano: I doubt it
David Martorano: they say the Yankees are in better shape than theyve been in a long time
David Martorano: Torrie isnt too good at lighting fires
Scott Swanay: I agree with Joe.
Scott Swanay: No, but Proctor is!
(Commish): As we start the final rounds, I'd like to thank our 12 experts for taking time out of their busy schedules to join us this evening
Scott Swanay: Thanks for doing this, Geoff!
(Commish): And thanks to all of the viewers -- especially those who wrote in
(Commish): No problem, Scott
Scott Swanay: We're the ones that should be thanking you for the exposure!
Darryl Houston Smith: thanks all!
Cory Schwartz: Fun draft everyone, thanks to all
Joe Badalucco: Thanks for having me
Knox Bardeen: Yeah. great time... thanks
Brendan Roberts: I appreciate it too, fellas. It's been fun.
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: Yeah, we've enjoyed this.
David Martorano: Yea thanks a lot for having me too
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: MDC always hosts a good party.
(Commish): Question from AIM: After looking over this draft-what do you think were the best value picks?
Ryan Boyer: had a good time... take it easy fellas
Scott Swanay: Loved the Freddy Sanchez pick.
Joe Ribando: Same here - always a good time @ MDC... Thanks Geoff
(Commish): Question from AIM: why is Jon Lester still available this late?
Joe Badalucco: I like the Rafael Soriano pick
(Commish): Question from AIM: thanks for all of the feedback... one more question: is adam jones worth drafting in a keeper?
Cory Schwartz: Jones is a stud
Cory Schwartz: This year's Chris Young (ARI)
Scott Swanay: Yes (for Jones)
Joe Badalucco: i agree with Corey, I like the Jones pick
Joe Badalucco: starting for a bad team = AB's mucho
Cory Schwartz: Best value pick may have just happened (Unit)
(Commish): Agree there -- excellent upside pick
Cory Schwartz: Nohting but
Brendan Roberts: I like taking him in shallow leagues.
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: Jones is so versatile, at this stage we couldn't pass him up as a No. 5
Joe Badalucco: Whew, C's are thin now
Cory Schwartz: C is disgustingly thin this year
Cory Schwartz: There aren't 10 worth having
Joe Badalucco: in a 2 catcher league you need to act fast on your 2nd C
Joe Badalucco: especially this year
Scott Swanay: Thought Napoli was good value as 2nd C in 21st round
Joe Badalucco: I like your team corey
Joe Badalucco: I agree with Scott
Cory Schwartz: Thanks... I drafted it as if i would play it out... only 4 SP's
Cory Schwartz: Lots of saves
David Martorano: Yea i hope so - I messed up and didnt realize we needed 2 catchers until when I took Napoli
Joe Badalucco: Daisuke is someone I'm high on, no one really likes him that much
(Commish): One final question: Of all your picks, which one did you like the best?(value wise)
Scott Swanay: Mine would be Howie Kendrick in 9th round.
Cory Schwartz: Cheap saves late... CJ Wilson and Howry
Joe Badalucco: wiggington as MI in 18th
David Martorano: Hideki Matsui in round 9
Joe Badalucco: I like CJ wilson
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: Billy WAgner in the 12th round or Ryan Garko in the 15th
Cory Schwartz: G'night everyone!
Paul Greco: Thanks guys...
Joe Ribando: thanks!
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: Thanks much, Paul, from the boys at KFFL!
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: Always a good show.
(Commish): Take care folks!
Joe Badalucco: I also like Owens in R22. Despite what people say, he can steal 30 bases and log 350 AB's
Brendan Roberts: I like Jeremy Accardo in the 21st, Unit in the 22nd and Moises in the 23rd. Choosing one, probably Alou.
Cory Schwartz: Projections say I win, so I like all my picks! :-) G'night all
Brendan Roberts: Where do you see the projections?
Joe Badalucco: they have me as a 2 in RBi's and I have A-Rod
Joe Badalucco: #2!, I'll take it
Paul Greco: Very interesting
T. Heaney and R. Garcia: It was a pleasure, guys. Read my blog at tomorrow as I break down this affair!
Joe Badalucco: Breakdown of this mockdraft will be coming this week on
Brendan Roberts: Sounds good, guys. Is that all?
Joe Badalucco: Thanks Paul, thanks guys. GL to you this season
(Commish): Yep all set
(Commish): Thanks Brendan
Scott Swanay: The Sherpa will also be analyzing it at!
Scott Swanay: Thanks again, Geoff!
(Commish): No problem
(Commish): Thank you