Below is a list of features available to draft commissioners during a live draft.

How do I:

pause the draft?: Left click the 'Commish' button located below the player list. A pause dialog will appear. Select when you want the pause to take affect (Now or scheduled for a round & pick) and duration (# minutes or resume manually). When both option have been selected, click the 'pause' button at the bottom of the pause dialog. When the draft is paused, buttons for accessing the other Commissioner Tools will appear.

*Note: A draft cannot be paused before it has started, although a pause can be scheduled before the draft.

Pausing the draft

access the Commissioner Tools?: To use the commissioner tools:
   1) The user must be the commissioner of the draft
   2) The draft must be paused (for instructions on pausing the draft, see 'How do I pause a draft?' above.
Accessing the commissioner tools interface

resume the draft?: When the draft is paused, left clicking the 'resume' button on the commissioner interface. The draft will now resume.

trade a future pick/already drafted player: Select the pick/player that is to be traded in the 'Select a draft pick to modify:' drop down (It's the top one).
Next, select the team to which the pick/player is to be traded in the 'Trade pick and player to:' drop down (the bottom one). Upon selecting the target team, a dialog will appear confirming the trade. Confirm the trade and it will take affect, updating the draft picks and team rosters, where applicable. Now you can perform other trades or return to the main commissioner tool screen by clicking 'done'
Trading a draft pick or drafted player

change a previous draft pick: Select the draft pick that is going to be changed in the 'Select a draft pick to modify:' drop down (the top one). To replace a player, select the desired player in the 'Choose a new player' drop down (the middle one). To clear a pick, select '<<remove player>>'. Upon confirming the action, the change will take effect. To return to the main commissioner menu, click 'done'.

*Note: Removing a player from a draft pick does NOT roll the draft back and allow the owner of that team to select again. That functionality is achieved with the Rollback functionality (see below).

Undo or replace a draft pick

cancel a series of picks/go back in the draft?: From the commissioner tools options, left click on the blue 'edit picks' button. At the new menu, find the selection that the draft should be rolled back to in the 'Select a draft pick to modify:' box. Next, click the blue 'rollback' button located at the bottom of the page. The commissioner will then be asked if they want to roll back the draft to the selected spot. Click 'ok' or 'cancel'. Clicking 'ok' will delete the draft picks made after the selected spot, clicking 'cancel' will terminate the roll back. To return to the commissioners options menu, click 'done'.
*Note: Keepers and trades are not rolled back, however these selections can be adjusted individually with the 'replace pick' function.

Rolling back the draft

select a player for a team?: If you are a commissioner running an in-person draft with a few remote users, you can enter picks for all of the in-person teams. Simply pause the draft and click the 'edit picks' button. By default, the current draft pick will be selected for you. Simply find the player in the 'Choose a new player' drop down (the middle one) and select the player. Confirm the selection. If the selection fails due to a roster limit violation, you will see an error message, otherwise, the draft will advance to the next pick and the appropriate roster will be updated. The next pick will be automatically selected for you in the commissioner tool, so continue selecting players until it is a remote owner's turn. Click 'done' and resume the draft to allow the remote owner to make their selection.

*Note: The commissioner tools do not support overriding roster limits.

Picking a player on behalf of a team

change the amount of time alloted per draft pick?: From the main commissioner view, click the 'settings' button. Type in the new time per pick and click on the 'save' button. A message saying 'New pick time saved successfully' will now appear and all teams will now have the modified maximum pick time. To return to the commissioner menu, click 'done'.

*Note: Teams on autoselect (represented as 'AUTO' in the Who's On view) will have the same reduced time, regardless of the maximum pick time. This max time only applies to actively drafting teams.

Changing draft settings