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Mock Draft: NBA 10-Team Basketball #4563

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Draft Status: Complete

Sport: Fantasy Basketball (NBA Standard) (20 game eligibility)

Start Time: 8-26-2010 at 8:15 PM EST

Time Per Pick: 60 seconds

Number of Rounds: 14

Scoring/Roster: View Scoring Information

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  1. West
  2. Life is Just a Fantasy ... Basketball Blog
  3. Boogerboys
  4. GMTR_Patrick
  5. drafting hungover
  6. ec236
  7. Fantasy god
  8. Doneycat
  9. Weakside Help
  10. fBasketballBlog

Draft Results

Your Picks
Round Team Player Pos Team Pick Time
R1 P1 West Durant, Kevin SF OKC AutoSelect
R1 P2 Life is Just a Fantasy ... Basketball Blog James, LeBron SF MIA 6s
R1 P3 Boogerboys Paul, Chris PG NO AutoSelect
R1 P4 GMTR_Patrick Gasol, Pau PF LAL 12s
R1 P5 drafting hungover Nowitzki, Dirk PF DAL 27s
R1 P6 ec236 Bryant, Kobe SG LAL 10s
R1 P7 Fantasy god Williams, Deron PG UTA 15s
R1 P8 Doneycat Howard, Dwight C ORL 27s
R1 P9 Weakside Help Curry, Stephen PG GS 14s
R1 P10 fBasketballBlog Wade, Dwyane PG MIA 10s
R2 P1 fBasketballBlog Granger, Danny SF IND 17s
R2 P2 Weakside Help Lee, David PF GS 13s
R2 P3 Doneycat Wallace, Gerald SF CHR 12s
R2 P4 Fantasy god Anthony, Carmelo SF DEN 13s
R2 P5 ec236 Lopez, Brook C BRO 15s
R2 P6 drafting hungover Nash, Steve PG PHO 7s
R2 P7 GMTR_Patrick Stoudemire, Amar'e PF NY 31s
R2 P8 Boogerboys Roy, Brandon SG POR AutoSelect
R2 P9 Life is Just a Fantasy ... Basketball Blog Evans, Tyreke PG SAC 14s
R2 P10 West Rondo, Rajon PG BOS AutoSelect
R3 P1 West Bosh, Chris PF MIA AutoSelect
R3 P2 Life is Just a Fantasy ... Basketball Blog Kidd, Jason PG DAL 12s
R3 P3 Boogerboys Smith, Josh PF ATL AutoSelect
R3 P4 GMTR_Patrick Billups, Chauncey PG DEN 16s
R3 P5 drafting hungover Johnson, Joe SG ATL 30s
R3 P6 ec236 Westbrook, Russell PG OKC 10s
R3 P7 Fantasy god Ellis, Monta PG GS 46s
R3 P8 Doneycat Iguodala, Andre SG PHI 15s
R3 P9 Weakside Help Bargnani, Andrea PF TOR 7s
R3 P10 fBasketballBlog Horford, Al PF ATL 14s
R4 P1 fBasketballBlog Boozer, Carlos PF CHI AutoSelect
R4 P2 Weakside Help Jackson, Stephen SG CHR 33s
R4 P3 Doneycat Murphy, Troy PF BRO 43s
R4 P4 Fantasy god Duncan, Tim PF SAN 7s
R4 P5 ec236 Bogut, Andrew C MIL 16s
R4 P6 drafting hungover Rose, Derrick PG CHI 15s
R4 P7 GMTR_Patrick Jefferson, Al PF UTA 7s
R4 P8 Boogerboys Pierce, Paul SG BOS AutoSelect
R4 P9 Life is Just a Fantasy ... Basketball Blog West, David PF NO 6s
R4 P10 West Gay, Rudy SF MEM AutoSelect
R5 P1 West Jamison, Antawn SF WAS AutoSelect
R5 P2 Life is Just a Fantasy ... Basketball Blog Gasol, Marc C MEM 20s
R5 P3 Boogerboys Hilario, Nene PF DEN AutoSelect
R5 P4 GMTR_Patrick Williams, Mo PG CLE 7s
R5 P5 drafting hungover Randolph, Zach PF MEM 17s
R5 P6 ec236 Love, Kevin PF MIN 38s
R5 P7 Fantasy god Noah, Joakim PF CHI 15s
R5 P8 Doneycat Collison, Darren PG IND 10s
R5 P9 Weakside Help Felton, Raymond PG NY 10s
R5 P10 fBasketballBlog Gallinari, Danilo SF NY 19s
R6 P1 fBasketballBlog Turkoglu, Hedo SG PHO 37s
R6 P2 Weakside Help Mayo, O.J. SG MEM 24s
R6 P3 Doneycat Garnett, Kevin PF BOS 41s
R6 P4 Fantasy god Aldridge, LaMarcus PF POR 24s
R6 P5 ec236 Martin, Kevin SG HOU 5s
R6 P6 drafting hungover Harris, Devin PG BRO 56s
R6 P7 GMTR_Patrick Richardson, Jason SG PHO AutoSelect
R6 P8 Boogerboys Ginobili, Manu SG SAN AutoSelect
R6 P9 Life is Just a Fantasy ... Basketball Blog Camby, Marcus PF POR 13s
R6 P10 West Wall, John PG WAS AutoSelect
R7 P1 West Davis, Baron PG LAC AutoSelect
R7 P2 Life is Just a Fantasy ... Basketball Blog Blatche, Andray PF WAS 4s
R7 P3 Boogerboys Butler, Caron SG DAL AutoSelect
R7 P4 GMTR_Patrick Crawford, Jamal PG ATL AutoSelect
R7 P5 drafting hungover Jennings, Brandon PG MIL 27s
R7 P6 ec236 Lewis, Rashard SF ORL 3s
R7 P7 Fantasy god Deng, Luol SF CHI 46s
R7 P8 Doneycat Salmons, John SG MIL 12s
R7 P9 Weakside Help Ming, Yao C HOU 18s
R7 P10 fBasketballBlog Brooks, Aaron PG HOU 31s
R8 P1 fBasketballBlog Randolph, Anthony PF NY 4s
R8 P2 Weakside Help Griffin, Blake PF LAC 14s
R8 P3 Doneycat Morrow, Anthony SG BRO 14s
R8 P4 Fantasy god Arenas, Gilbert PG WAS 42s
R8 P5 ec236 Gordon, Eric SG LAC Predrafted
R8 P6 drafting hungover Bynum, Andrew C LAL 27s
R8 P7 GMTR_Patrick Millsap, Paul PF UTA AutoSelect
R8 P8 Boogerboys Ariza, Trevor SG NO 22s
R8 P9 Life is Just a Fantasy ... Basketball Blog Thornton, Marcus SG NO 18s
R8 P10 West Terry, Jason PG DAL AutoSelect
R9 P1 West Green, Jeff SF OKC AutoSelect
R9 P2 Life is Just a Fantasy ... Basketball Blog Scola, Luis PF HOU 12s
R9 P3 Boogerboys Hibbert, Roy C IND 30s
R9 P4 GMTR_Patrick Nelson, Jameer PG ORL AutoSelect
R9 P5 drafting hungover Kaman, Chris C LAC 13s
R9 P6 ec236 Carter, Vince SG ORL AutoSelect
R9 P7 Fantasy god Parker, Tony PG SAN 26s
R9 P8 Doneycat Landry, Carl SF SAC 8s
R9 P9 Weakside Help Lopez, Robin PF PHO 15s
R9 P10 fBasketballBlog Hickson, J.J. PF CLE 36s
R10 P1 fBasketballBlog Stuckey, Rodney PG DET 49s
R10 P2 Weakside Help Barbosa, Leandro PG TOR 6s
R10 P3 Doneycat Cousins, DeMarcus PF SAC 30s
R10 P4 Fantasy god Brand, Elton PF PHI 53s
R10 P5 ec236 Harrington, Al PF DEN 8s
R10 P6 drafting hungover Allen, Ray SG BOS 33s
R10 P7 GMTR_Patrick Frye, Channing PF PHO AutoSelect
R10 P8 Boogerboys McGee, JaVale PF WAS 37s
R10 P9 Life is Just a Fantasy ... Basketball Blog Miller, Andre PG POR 8s
R10 P10 West Holiday, Jrue PG PHI AutoSelect
R11 P1 West Turner, Evan SG PHI AutoSelect
R11 P2 Life is Just a Fantasy ... Basketball Blog Williams, Reggie PG GS 17s
R11 P3 Boogerboys Williams, Terrence SG BRO 17s
R11 P4 GMTR_Patrick Calderon, Jose PG TOR AutoSelect
R11 P5 drafting hungover Gordon, Ben SG DET 24s
R11 P6 ec236 Okur, Mehmet C UTA 47s
R11 P7 Fantasy god Biedrins, Andris C GS 27s
R11 P8 Doneycat Childress, Josh SG PHO 13s
R11 P9 Weakside Help Thomas, Tyrus PF CHR 4s
R11 P10 fBasketballBlog Dalembert, Samuel C SAC 8s
R12 P1 fBasketballBlog Kirilenko, Andrei SF UTA 22s
R12 P2 Weakside Help Hill, George PG SAN 7s
R12 P3 Doneycat Chandler, Tyson C DAL 59s
R12 P4 Fantasy god Okafor, Emeka C NO 6s
R12 P5 ec236 Odom, Lamar SF LAL 5s
R12 P6 drafting hungover Favors, Derrick PF BRO 6s
R12 P7 GMTR_Patrick Diaw, Boris SF CHR AutoSelect
R12 P8 Boogerboys Varejao, Anderson PF CLE 21s
R12 P9 Life is Just a Fantasy ... Basketball Blog Beasley, Michael PF MIN 17s
R12 P10 West Maggette, Corey SF MIL AutoSelect
R13 P1 West Smith, J.R. SG DEN AutoSelect
R13 P2 Life is Just a Fantasy ... Basketball Blog Augustin, D.J. PG CHR 15s
R13 P3 Boogerboys Splitter, Tiago SF SAN 5s
R13 P4 GMTR_Patrick Thompson, Jason PF SAC AutoSelect
R13 P5 drafting hungover Oden, Greg C POR 30s
R13 P6 ec236 Haywood, Brendan C DAL 12s
R13 P7 Fantasy god Marion, Shawn SF DAL 21s
R13 P8 Doneycat Kleiza, Linas SG TOR 4s
R13 P9 Weakside Help Ibaka, Serge C OKC 8s
R13 P10 fBasketballBlog Miller, Mike SG MIA 34s
R14 P1 fBasketballBlog Udrih, Beno PG SAC 50s
R14 P2 Weakside Help Azubuike, Kelenna SG NY 7s
R14 P3 Doneycat Batum, Nicolas SG POR 47s
R14 P4 Fantasy god Chandler, Wilson SF NY 10s
R14 P5 ec236 Beaubois, Rodrigue PG DAL 36s
R14 P6 drafting hungover Casspi, Omri SG SAC 8s
R14 P7 GMTR_Patrick Artest, Ron SG LAL AutoSelect
R14 P8 Boogerboys Williams, Louis PG PHI 52s
R14 P9 Life is Just a Fantasy ... Basketball Blog Monroe, Greg PF DET 8s
R14 P10 West Hawes, Spencer C PHI AutoSelect

Traded picks are marked with an asterisk (*)