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Mock Draft: Lenny`s SiriusXM Listener Draft (private)

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Draft Status: Complete

Sport: Fantasy Baseball (Mixed 5x5) (20 game eligibility)

Start Time: 1-9-2014 at 7:00 PM EST

Time Per Pick: 75 seconds

Number of Rounds: 23

Scoring/Roster: View Scoring Information

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  1. Jason Swist
  2. Tim Hart
  3. ecap814
  4. Melnicks Legionary
  5. Fantasy Mailman
  6. JustinMondry
  7. Jeff Boggis of Fantasy Sports Empire
  8. Tim McLeod
  9. Evil Empire
  10. Lenny Melnick
  11. chevylucas
  12. Tzuck
  13. Pick FASTER!!!
  14. Chris OK of Budget Baseball Cardboarding
  15. TeachMeHowtoDougieGlanville