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Q: What kind of mock drafts (sports) are available right now?

A: A list of actively mock drafting sports is displayed on the right side of the home page.

Q: Do you have other articles I can read besides the featured one?

A: After logging in, select the desired sport under the Content menu item.

Q: Do you offer auction drafts?

A: At this time we do not offer auction drafts.

Q: Is there a tutorial available on drafting procedure?

A: Watch our live draft demo movie and
view the online help for live drafts.

Q: Does the league draft work any differently than the mock draft?

A: In most cases they operate the same, with the following exceptions:
-The league draft supports keepers, trading of draft picks, and custom draft order.
-The league drafts have full commissioner functionality.
Learn more about the commissioner features

Q: How can I access the user forum / message boards?

A: Go to or simply click the "Forum" link on the right side of the main menu.

Q: Can I change the time zone to reflect my local time?

A: Log in and go to the Profile section of My Account. Select your time zone from the list and click Save. Now, whenever you are logged in, the site will reflect your time zone.

Q: What happens if I miss a pick in a draft?

A: After your first pick expires, your team will be placed on AutoSelect. The AutoSelect feature will automatically make a selection from your prepick queue . If your prepick list is used up, the computer selects the next highest ranked player for your team.

Note: While your team is on AutoSelect in live drafts, your pick time will be reduced to 10 seconds. You can turn AutoSelect off manually (checkbox under prepick list), if you wish to restore your full pick time.

Q: I created a draft and need to make a change.

A: Once a mock draft is opened for signup, it can no longer be edited.

If there is a dire need to change a public mock draft, contact our support department with details of the desired changes. We will determine if the change can still be made and notify users that have joined the draft if the change affects them.

Q: How do I select a player during a draft?

A: See the online help for live drafts

Q: How do I join a draft?

A: Go to the Join a Draft page (also available by clicking Join a Draft under the Draft menu.

Find a draft that offers the criteria you are looking for such as sport, number of teams, etc. Then simply click on the Join link, supply a team name, and pick your draft position from any of the open draft slots.

Q: The forum page says, "All times are GMT." What does this mean?

A: It's not in your time zone - it's based on Greenwich Mean Time.

Q: What is Coach Karma? and how does it affect me?

A: Learn more about Coach Karma?

Q: What are the system requirements of the live draft software?

A: There are only two very basic requirements:

1) You need Flash 7 or higher and a browser that supports Flash which is any browser that's fairly recent such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, recent AOL versions, etc.

* The latest version of Flash available for free download at Adobe's website

2) Any non-proxied connection to the Internet. Our live draft software works great over dial-up connections and only takes 25-30 seconds to load over a dial-up line the first time and 15-20 seconds each time after that. Over a broadband connection, the time to load is typically less than 10 seconds.

What does "non-proxied connection" mean?

Proxy servers are used by large corporations and some hotels for large scale Internet deployment. If you're using DSL, cable, or dial-up, you'll have no problems using our software.

If you're not sure about these two things, try our Technology Test

Q: Is there a way to try the premium account for a limited time?

A: Pay $4.99 to sign up for a month. It auto-renews each month and you can cancel at anytime by simply clicking the Cancel Auto-Renewal link on your Account Statement. If you don't see a link, contact us.

Q: I joined a draft, but now I'm not able to make it. What can I do?

A: You can remove your team from a mock draft up to 30 minutes before the draft start time.
If you are unable to remove yourself in time, be sure to rank some players. Your team will be put on auto-select after the first missed pick and your pre-rank list will be used to select players.

Q: Can I delete my completed drafts?

A: Not currently, however drafts older than 4 months will no longer appear on your completed draft list, unless you explicitly select Show All Historical Drafts.

Q: What do I get with a premium account as opposed to a limited account?

A: Checkout the Premium Features list

Q: What if I want to draft a player that isn't in the player database?

A: Every draft includes a handful of placeholder players. Simply search for "placeholder" and draft a placeholder that matches the positional requirements of the desired player. Submit a request to MDC support to have that player added and specify the round and pick of the draft so we can replace the placeholder.

Q: I referred this site to a friend of mine, do I get any sort of bonus for that?

A: Yes, Mock Draft Central has a referral form. When a new person signs up for the site, there is an option to enter the e-mail of the Mock Draft Central user that enticed the new user to sign up, just simply enter their e-mail address, and tell them to enjoy the extra thirty days that their account was extended by. More information on this topic is located on the Referral Page

Q: What information does the ADP report page provide?

A: For an overview of our ADP reports and making the most of them, visit our ADP Guide

Q: Do you support trading during drafts?

A: Trading of draft picks and players is supported. Trades are performed by the draft commissioner.

Q: How do I cancel/suspend auto-renewal?

A: Go to My Account > Account Statement and click Cancel Auto-Renewal.

Q: What does PDI mean?

A: PDI means player draft index, simply put, it is the relationship between the average position a player is drafted and what his over all value is. Negative PDI's mean that a player is being over valued and a negative number means that a player is being undervalued.

Q: What if I forget my password/username?

A: Try the Password Reminder

As a convenience, you can also use your email address as your username.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Login and go to My Account > Change Password

Q: How do I upgrade my free account to a premium account?

A: Click on Upgrade to Premium Subscription(on the Account Statement) or Upgrade Now
* Be sure you are logged in before attempting to upgrade.

Q: How do I renew my premium account?

A: Click on Renew MDC Subscription (under My Account) or Renew Now

Q: Do you have other features besides drafting available?

A: Yes. Some of these include advanced ADP & player trend reports, cheat sheets, draft day worksheets, newsletters, message boards and more. For a complete list, refer to the Feature List

Q: How deep is your player list (a.k.a. do you have my sleeper in your player list)?

A: This question is most relevant for baseball since mid-season callups can occur. We currently have over 1700 baseball players in our database, including all players in the Baseball America Top 100.

When it comes to football, we have all signed offensive and defensive players, plus most noteworthy unsigned players. Starting in March, we include the top college draft prospects and within 24 hours of the NFL draft, all rookies are available.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from a newsletter?

A: You can unsubscribe from the Manage Email Preferences menu item in the Account menu or by clicking on the link at the bottom of your newsletter.

Q: Is your site compatible with my Mac / Safari browser?

A: Yes. Our developers actually use Macs.
** Recently, it has come to our attention that some people using Safari browser version 1.x are encountering issues logging into the site (ie. the login button is unclickable). More recent versions of Safari work fine, so upgrading will fix the issue, as will using Firefox. If you encounter any issues, please Contact Us and we'll be happy to help.

Q: I upgraded Flash on my Mac and now I cannot enter the MDC live draft software.

A: This is a problem with the latest Flash version. The new version of Flash (Player 9 115) is not working properly on updated macs. The older Flash Version does work.... it's just not easily available.
Here are the steps:
1) Download the uninstaller for Flash Player from Adobe. (at bottom of page)
2) Uninstall existing Flash while all browsers are turned off.
3) Download the Archived Flash Players (this is on the Adobe developer website: )
Download Version 9...this is all the players of version 9 for all formats.
4) In archive folder choose the correct version for the Mac Version: 9.0.47. Flashplayer9r47_mac.dmg is for PPC machine; is for Intel based machines.
5) Install the appropriate version of the program and works again.

Q: What do the different fantasy football and fantasy baseball scoring styles mean?

A: We have detailed the various scoring types for each sport:
Fantasy Football Scoring Rules

Fantasy Baseball Scoring Rules

Q: Login is not working. It says I need to enable sessions. How do I do this?

A: Here are a couple steps to resolve this issue:

1) In Internet Explorer, go to Tools: Internet Options...

2) Go to the Privacy tab and click on Sites...

3) Add and select Allow.

4) Click the Ok button and you should be all set.

The process is similar in Firefox.

1) In Firefox, go to Tools: Internet Options...

2) Go to the Privacy tab and click on Exceptions...

3) Add and select Allow.

4) Click the Ok button