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What is Coach Karma™?

Mock Draft Central is dedicated to providing the best practical tools for fantasy draft preparation and building a community of the finest fantasy minds.

When bringing together large numbers of people dedicated to a common goal, it's only natural to have people at different levels of knowledge, experience, and participation. Our single focus is on improving your drafting skills. Meeting that objective requires that we help our members practice against the right caliber of competition. Our exclusive Coach Karma™ mechanism helps bring this about.

How does Coach Karma™ work?

When joining Mock Draft Central, each premium member starts with a neutral Coach Karma™ of 50 (free limited accounts start with a Coach Karma™ of 30). Various activities & actions on the site can result in a coach's karma score increasing or decreasing. In general, good draft participation is rewarded and members that miss drafts they signup for or act rudely when they are present are penalized.

Is Coach Karma™ intended to be merely a stigma or badge of honor? No. An increasing number of drafts have a minimum required karma in order to join that draft. If a member's Coach Karma™ is below the required minimum karma, that member will not be allowed to signup or participate in that draft.

What makes my Coach Karma™ go up?

It's important that we don't give away the entire secret recipe, so the exact ingredients will remain forever locked in our vault of wonderment.

That disclaimer aside, here are the actions that will improve your Karma score:

  • Showing up for drafts that you signed up for on time
  • Making all picks in a draft before expiration (prepick selections are not penalized)
  • Voting and providing constructive feedback on completed drafts
    (voting is available during and after all drafts)
  • Taking over an Artificial Intelligence (AI) team within 15 minutes of a draft's starting time.

What makes my Coach Karma™ go down?

Points are deducted from your Coach Karma™ when you:

  • Miss a draft you signup for (note, if you arrive late and only miss your first pick, you will not be penalized, but you will also not be rewarded)
  • Are reported by multiple other members for bad conduct (basically if you're acting like an inconsiderate jerk, you'll get reported and your Karma will suffer both in real-life and on Mock Draft Central)