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As you may know, Mock Draft Central has joined forces with the other leading premium fantasy sports sites in the industry in a concept called RotoPass.

If you’re unfamiliar with RotoPass, the concept is pretty simple. When you buy a subscription to RotoPass, you're actually buying a subscription to ALL the best fantasy sports sites on the web:

Ron Shandler’s Baseball The premiere fantasy baseball site. Advisors to the St. Louis Cardinals. Customizable draft kits for every type of league and rules, including Scoresheet and National Challenge contests. Fantasy News and Analysis for EVERY sport 24/7.

Stats, Inc. Fantasy Advantage / Baseball: Access to every stat you could ever need. Follow your team (and stats) live every day.

The Huddle: Unique fantasy tools, player consistency rankings, auction values and more. 5 time winner "Best Fantasy Site" from the Internet Sports Awards.

Stats, Inc. Fantasy Advantage / Football: Same thing as baseball, but now for Football. Want to know how well your RB runs on the road, on turf, in November, the past three years? Stats can tell you.

Fantasy Sports Magazine: RotoPass subscribers get a subscription to the FSTA award winning Fantasy Sports Magazine. 4 issues every year, right to your mailbox. Plus, you’ll get access to their weekly updated subscriber website,

Mock Draft Central: The best drafting experience for any sport, hands down!

ESPN Insider: Fantasy Expert Matthew Berry, purveyor of amazing, in-depth fantasy MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, NCAA Hoops, PGA and Arena Football League coverage.

So why bother?

First of all it's easy. Easier than programming a VCR (I would sure hope so). Even easier than the "sure thing" that turned you down on prom night. No more searching all over the Internet - all the news, stats, analysis and other tools you could ever need, plus, like, ten more... it's all at RotoPass! The site is very easy to use - you just log into RotoPass once and every RotoPass member site is just one click away. This is an amazing resource, especially for those of you who play multiple fantasy sports.

Second, there is NO spam and NO pop-ups - ever!

And third, it's all about value. You can become a RotoPass member for much, much less than it would cost to subscribe to all these sites seperately (and admit it, you probably already subscribe to most of these quality sites or have at least thought about it). If you're only interested in one or two sports, you can get a 3 or 6-month RotoPass membership. Completely addicted and want year round coverage, then a 12-month RotoPass is what you're looking for and incidently, it's the best value going.

When I'm talking value, I'm not talking clipping coupons, I'm talking serious R.O.I.! Let's say you're shelling out $300 a year on subscriptions (and seriously, who isn't, even though we tell our wives it's like forty bucks). Suppose you win $350 (yeah, I know you were gonna win more, but how were you supposed to know that Griffey was going to get hurt...). You spent $300 to nail that $350 cash cow meaning you bulked up your wallet by $50 or a 16.7% return. That might beat your average mutual fund manager, but that doesn't leave you with enough cash to buy a couple decent tickets to a ballgame. With a RotoPass, your ROI skyrockets to 133% and you're left with some coin worth bragging about. After all isn't the goal to be sitting a little taller at the end of the season, even if it means an extra trip to the chiropracter (Reason for Visit: Thick Wallet Injury)

We want to make sure that you realize if you upgrade your Mock Draft Central subscription to a RotoPass subscription, you’ll receive FULL credit for your remaining Mock Draft Central subscription.

That sounds vaguely important, so I'll repeat it -- the remaining value of your current Mock Draft Central subscription is credited toward your RotoPass purchase.
How cool is that!

There is one simple step for that to work -- you have to click the RotoPass ad at the top of this page to be eligible. Once you've clicked the ad, you'll be taken to the RotoPass site. From there click Join Now and enter the email address associated with your Mock Draft Central account to receive the upgrade discount! Feel free to email if you have any questions. They're nice guys and they'll help you out.

Jason Pliml
President - Mock Draft Central